Lake Chad Basin Sustainable Water Management II: Information Exchange & Communication

The Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) was established in 1964 by the four riparian countries, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad. The Central African Republic joined the LCBC in 1998 and Libya in 2009. The Commission was created to protect the transboundary resources of Lake Chad Basin. However, to date the LCBC has had difficulties in achieving these objectives due to constraints at a range of levels (political, institutional, and financial).

The GIZ and the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) are advising the LCBC in organisational and technical matters respectively. The aim of the project “Consulting services for the organization of the LCBC” (GIZ) is to support the organization development of the LCBC and to strengthen the capacities of the Commission in carrying out its tasks and achieving sustainable results.

AHT has been providing support to the LCBC since 2005. The focus is on strengthening the Commission in the field of knowledge and information management. In October 2014 AHT has been charged with a subsequent phase of the Programme aiming to enhance the Commission’s planning, cooperation and communication capacities, in order to improve the cooperation with the member states”. AHT is implementing two components of the Programme: information exchange with the countries (component A) and intern and extern communication (component D).

Type of services provided:

  • Assistance to the LCBC for the elaboration of the biannual report on the state of the ecosystem of the Lake Chad Basin: moderation of the process, moderation of workshops and working groups, technical support to the elaboration of the chapters of the SOB, support in the integration of data from the information system in the SOB, editorial and technical support for the finalization of the SOB;
  • Support to the development of an annual monitoring report (AMR): definition of a concept for the realization of the report, support and moderation of the process, technical support for the processing and presentation of data, editorial and technical support for the finalization of the AMR;
  • Strengthening and support of the Basin Observatory and of the two scientific committees for water and environment: process management, introduction to remote sensing and its role within the framework of the LCBC, introduction to the new management system information, data input into the system and quality control, capacity building of the IT administrator of the LCBC, presentation and visualization techniques to use in different reports;
  • Support in the ownership, implementation, use and maintenance of the information management system: capacity assessment and development of a plan to strengthen the capacities of the LCBC network administrator, adaptation of the system according to improvement proposals, data processing and visualization;
  • Strengthening the exchange of information with the focal points and Ministries: development of a concept for strengthening the exchange of information between the LCBC and the focal points, supporting the LCBC in the organization, planning, and evaluation of coordination meetings, introduction and linking the focal points to the scientific committees, introduction and reflections on the role of focal points for the development of SOB and annual monitoring reports.
Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development
10/2014 – 11/2020
Contract value: 1,021,900 €