Sustainable management of water resources in rural areas in Uzbekistan

Component 1 (led by GIZ) of the EU intervention “Sustainable management of water resources in rural areas in Uzbekistan” aims at contributing to further development of a national water resources management strategy by enhancing legal, institutional, organizational and financial frameworks and regulatory instruments. Furthermore, capacity building addressed to policy makers on national and basin levels is complementing the efforts to build up the Uzbek water governance.

Regarding the improvement of higher education in water management in Uzbekistan, the TIIAME, will be strengthened in its curriculum regarding River Basin Planning (RBP). The TIIAME is one of the 16 leading universities of the country defined as basic higher educational institutions for the organization of re-training and advanced training of chief and teaching staff of higher education institutions. Furthermore, it is widely known in the CIS as a first-class academic and scientific institute, which currently offers 24 subjects at bachelor’s degree, 26 subjects at master’s degree level, and 11 subjects for doctoral studies and an advanced training for specialists working in different state institutions. Subjects are related to water management, irrigation, environmental protection, electrification and automation, land management, agricultural mechanization, economics, management and marketing in the water industry.

The aim of these consulting services is to support the efforts of capacity building of future policy makers on national, regional and executive level by developing training modules on RBP to be integrated in the bachelor’s, master’s and advanced training programme of TIIAME. Additionally, material for a training-of-trainers course shall be prepared and teaching staff of TIIAME shall be trained to enable them applying the RBP training modules.

Type of services provided:

Task 1: Analysis of existing training modules on river basin planning at the TIIAME with the aim to identify where to integrate new modules on RBP into the TIIAME's education programmes.

Task 2: Development of training modules on RBP on different levels of education (Bachelor, Master, Advanced Training programs and advanced training program for managers) in the TIIAME including:

  • Development of a course program on the basics of RBP and the development of management plans;
  • Development of mechanisms to improve the quality of courses and to motivate listeners;
  • Development of a special package of necessary normative and educational-methodical documents.

Task 3: Training of Trainers for TIIAME teaching staff · Preparation of the ToT for teaching staff of the TIIAME, including training plan, materials and other documentation, on the content of the curriculum on the different levels as well as on didactic methods necessary for the curriculum and the elaborated syllabi. Teaching the ToT course(s) abroad in connection with a study tour for the teaching staff or best practice exchange at a European universit.

Co-financing with EU
07/2018 - 07/2019
Contract value: 64,576 €