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International Team Leader / Senior Expert (m/f/d) - Municipal Solid Waste Management / Policy and Regulatory Framework Development

Short project description

In partnership with the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP) of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE), GIZ is implementing the Thai- German Climate Programme (TGCP). The programme serves the purpose to develop the necessary framework conditions and capacities to achieve the country’s NDC. Focus lies on the sectors critical for the achievement of the NDC including energy, agriculture, water, climate change policy and waste. The five sectors of the programme work together to achieve mutual outputs in the following fields (1) National Policy Development, (2) subnational implementation of climate friendly approaches, (3) MRV, (4) Climate finance and (5) International Cooperation. The waste sector focus on municipal solid waste (MSW) and domestic wastewater (DWW) and along the mutual outputs as described above, has set the following 5 work packages (WP):
WP 1: National framework conditions for a climate-friendly solid waste and waste water management in Thailand are improved.
WP 2: Climate-friendly Management systems for MSW and DWW in at least 3 and 1 pilot areas, respectively developed
WP 3: Existing information/data management system for integrated MSW and DWW management reviewed and adjusted and linked with MRV
WP 4: Climate financing for low carbon integrated MSW and DWW systems acquired
WP 5: Cooperation and exchange with other national and international initiatives on integrated MSW and DWW management ensured.
The consulting service here requested contribute only to WP2 on the subnational implementation of climate friendly MSW management system in 3 pilot municipalities.

Job description
  • In close coordination and cooperation with a local GIZ team manage 4 national STE providing technical assistance services and contributions to low carbon MSW system development, capacity building and policy development;
  • Ensuring the coherence and complementarity of the services of the contractor with other services delivered by the project at local and national level;
  • Results monitoring;
  • Guiding the modelling of baseline and low carbon scenario development by applying the LCA method;
  • Drawing policy recommendations based on the results of the LCA based system analysis, pre/FS and planning and communicating those in focal discussion groups, workshops, seminars etc. with decision makers at local and central level;
  • Consideration of cross-cutting themes (e.g. integration of informal workers, gender equality etc.);
  • Define training needs, outline training measures/curriculum and conduct trainings;
  • Draw up strategic guidelines for designing low carbon MSW systems.
Detailed requirements

University qualification Master degree or higher in environmental economics, environmental engineering, environmental management, engineering, climate change or similar fields.

Country/Regional experience:

  • Some years of working experience in Southeast Asia
  • Development Cooperation (DC) experience : some years of working experience in the development cooperation context

Proficient in spoken and written. English proven report writing skills in English language.

Expertise / Profile:

  • Several years of working experience in the field of MSW management with emphasis on policy and regulatory framework development combined with climate policy and mitigation measures;
  • Specific professional experience: some years of working experience in applying the tool of LCA in waste management for system optimization and GHG emission mitigation;
  • Leadership / management experience: some years of professional experience in project management and /or leadership with good inter-cultural competence to manage a team of different nationalities.


Region and duty station:
Bangkok and in Pilot Areas: Nakjhonsawan City Municipality (Nakhonsawan Province), Yasothon Town Municipality (Yasothon Province), and Kampang Subdistrict Municipality (Satun Province)

Assignment duration:
90 expert days of which 60 in Thailand

Project duration:
(estimated) 4th quarter 2019 – 1st quarter 2021

Project status:
Up-coming proposal



Please contact vacancies(at) to express your interest and to send your CV, preferably in KfW format.