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Management Response to COVID-19

Dear clients and partners,

As the COVID-19 virus rapidly spreads around the world, slowing the global economy and bringing social and cultural life to a standstill in Germany and elsewhere, AHT GROUP AG has taken emergency measures to ensure a continued provision of services to our clients whilst at the same time minimising health risks to our staff. Like many other companies, our head office personnel, with the exception of a skeleton staff, now all work from home, relying on remote management. Our worldwide projects are still ongoing but are subject to the measures and restrictions imposed by national governments to control the spread of the virus, and as such, the impact on project implementation will vary depending on the severity of these measures. AHT is strictly following the advice and regulations of the World Health Organisation and relevant national authorities. It is understandable that this crisis unsettles us all. To develop appropriate responses to events as they unfold, AHT is combining the following strategies:

  • Clear Leadership in this crisis is essential. Over the past months, AHT management has been actively following and analysing the COVID-19 crisis as it develops in Germany and in our project regions. The AHT crisis policy is being followed by staff enabling us to react quickly, flexibly and innovatively, maintaining close contacts to our project offices, clients and funding agencies during these uncertain and dynamic times.
  • Remote Management has resulted from the ongoing strategy at AHT to invest in high end inhouse IT Technologies and Services. The use of these ensures that work in Home Office remains as effective and responsive as ever in delivering our services to clients and monitoring ongoing projects.
  • Regular Online Meetings assure continued exchanges between colleagues and with the project teams on site and effective collaboration and decision making.
  • Innovative and Flexible Solutions are being applied by our Project Managers on a case-to-case basis, with the situation in each project and project country being closely monitored, and continuous discussions with our team leaders, international and national experts and clients to agree upon the safest possible way to continue our work.

Over the past 60 years, AHT GROUP has faced many challenges and we are confident that together, with resilience, flexibility and innovation, we will overcome this crisis. Please stay healthy!

Your AHT Management