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Lake Chad Basin: Enhancement of the Lake Chad Information System (LIS)

In August 2019, AHT GROUP AG and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) were contracted by the World Bank to develop and pilot a Knowledge and Monitoring Platform for decision making in the Lake Chad Region that shall be hosted by the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC). To this end, AHT GROUP AG is assessing existing databases and is developing the conceptual design of the data centre, while SIPRI focuses on the dialogue, partnership and risk analysis as well as on the design of the overall KMP platform.

The conceptual design will be integrally based on the Lake Chad Information System (LIS) which was developed by AHT GROUP AG in the framework of the GIZ programme "Lake Chad Basin Sustainable Water Management". During this pilot intervention AHT is conceptualising and testing additional features for the LIS that will enable government officials and other stakeholders to better understand the socio-economic context, risk factors for fragility, conflicts, and violence in the Lake Chad region in order to take strategic decisions on investments aimed at mitigating these inherent risks.