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Study Tour to German Biosphere Reserves (23-28 June 2019)

At the end of June 2019, the GIZ Forest and Climate Change Programme (FORCLIME) organised a study tour for Indonesian decision makers (Governor, Bupatis, Head of agencies etc. from Central Sulawesi and West-Kalimantan) to the German Biosphere Reserves of Pfälzerwald and Röhn, accompanied by Mr. Bernd Unger (AHT, Forest Programme III). One of the main focuses of the tour were the organizational structures and the financing mechanisms of German Biosphere Reserves. The Indonesian guests learned that: (i) German Biosphere Reserves are managed by full-time employees; (ii) German Biosphere Reserves are an integrated component of the administrative government structure, and; (iii) regional and national governments and the European Union provide financing for both the daily operation of the reserves and the implementation of projects. The delegation also visited education centres, tourism infrastructure and local producers. During a wrap-up meeting at GIZ HQ in Eschborn, the participants stressed the elements of the tour which they believe they could adopt and implement in their own context.

Study Tour participants in front of the Main Office of BR-Röhn (26 June 2019)