More Income and Employment in Rural Areas through Infrastructures and Financing (MIERA) - Implementation of Economic Infrastructure

The programme focuses on the implementation of economic infrastructure via the Local Development Fund (LDF) to improve the business environment for smallholder farmers and owners of small and medium sized enterprises. Insufficient and inadequate market infrastructure was identified as one of the key bottlenecks for rural development. The investment under Component 1 focuses, hence, on market infrastructure.
The value chains to be promoted are the agro-related value chains cassava and edible oils (sunflower, soya beans and groundnuts) and the non-agricultural value chain environmentally friendly brick production and tourism. Approximately. 5 Mio Euros will be invested in the new market infrastructure. Five markets have been identified as priority markets and will be constructed in 2018. A set of further markets will be identified and designed and constructed in a second lot.

Type of services provided:

  • Project selection and identification, investment programming and set-up of Grant Agreements;
  • Technical design, procurement, contract management and works supervision of the construction/rehabilitation of market infrastructure;
  • Development and implementation of operation and maintenance concepts;
  • Training and capacity development of local authorities, operators, user groups;
  • Support to Programme administration and Disposition Fund Management by LDF-TST;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation;
  • Reporting.
Local Development Fund Malawi – Technical Support Team (LDF-TST)
BMZ through KfW Development Bank
11/2017 – 03/2021
Contract value: 1,399,345 €