Foster the Institutionalisation of WEAP for the Water Sector in Jordan

The Project falls under the umbrella of the GIZ Management for Water Resources project (2016-2018). It entails several activities such as supporting the implementation of the Jordan Water Strategy for 2016-2025 and its associated policies through using the Water Evaluation and Planning (WEAP) model for various water resources management and allocation scenarios. The WEAP model would also serve in updating the National Water Master Plan (NWMP) for 2004-2020, and aligning it with the updated Water Strategy policies. As such, the WEAP Institutionalisation Project aims to foster the institutionalisation of WEAP as a central tool for the water sector planning, as well as water budgeting and forecasting based on realistic and solution-oriented scenarios. The overall project activities can be summarised as follows:

  • Updating and enhancement of the WEAP model:
    Achieved through providing the model with correct input data, verifying and updating model parameters and components, formulating realistic scenarios for water resources management and planning, critically analysing model results, and assessing their reliability to guide various decision alternatives.
  • Capacity building and the development of technical competencies:
    This entails building software-related know-how as well as rational water resources management and planning, aligned with sectoral strategies and policies. It is done through delivering trainings which focus on providing MWI’s technical staff with an opportunity to “learn-by-doing.”
  • Participation and dissemination:
    Achieved through enhancing a WEAP Reporting tool and the development of a WEAP brochure.

Type of services provided:

Generally, the project activities include the following:

Inception phase:

  • Evaluating the adequacy and quality of available data, and current data input processes and flow from the existing Water Information System (WIS) into the WEAP model;
  • Developing a results-based monitoring system.

Updating country-wide models for 13 surface water basins:

  • Reviewing, enhancing and updating the WEAP country-wide model and models for the 13 basins, and developing a framework/ manual for the model update processes;
  • Developing a methodology for enhancing the quality of hydrological and climate data entered into the models, and a process for collecting, analysing and uploading data updates into the models;
  • Identifying parameters for water resource management scenarios.

WEAP Reporter and brochure development:

  • Enhancing the WEAP Reporter to meet decision making needs, and developing a WEAP brochure for the dissemination of information.
10/2017 – 12/2018
Contract value:
165,898 €