Forest and Environmental Sector Programme: Support for the Implementation of Activities financed by the Common Fund

Since 1999, with the support of the international community, the Cameroonian government has embarked on a process of setting up a national forestry program called the Forestry and Environment Sector Program (PSFE) to implement its policy aiming at sustainable and participatory management of the country's forest and wildlife resources. The Common Fund (CF) is a flexible mechanism for funding the strategic programs of MINFOF and MINEPDED. This includes:

Program 1:
Support for the sustainable management of forest resources: Introduction of a system for traceability and verification of the legality of timber.

Program 2:
Support for the sustainable conservation of wildlife resources; strengthening of infrastructure and conservation equipment as well as protected area management skills.

Program 3:

  • Support for the industrialization of the wood sector, professionalization of artisanal wood processors and NWFPs;
  • Development of the internal timber market (MIB);
  • Strengthening the Wood Promotion Center (CPB).

Program 4:

  • Support for the piloting of MINFOF programs;
  • Support for the fight against corruption in the forest, wildlife and environmental sectors.

Program 5:

  • Support for the piloting of MINEPDED programs;
  • Support for the implementation of the REDD + process in Cameroon.

Type of services provided:

  • Development of the procedures manual and implementation of coordinated procedures for the operation of the CF;
  • Strategic programming and annual planning of CF funded activities;
  • Preparation of documents for the maturation of funded projects, bidding documents and procurement according to the rules of KfW and Cameroon's public procurement code;
  • Monitoring the execution of activities and quality control of the achievements;
  • Support to the implementation of the APV-FLEGT process and development of an integrated forest information management information system (SIGIF);
  • Development of a strategy for the sustainable management of protected areas including the development of a sustainable financing mechanism;
  • Detailed planning of infrastructure, equipment and approaches for effective and participatory management of protected areas; procurement and control of their execution;
  • Development of the National Strategy for Accelerated Industrialization of the Wood Sector;
  • Strengthening MINFOF's wood processing capacity;
  • Detailed planning of the restructuring of the wood promotion center (CPB);
  • Planning and implementation of the CPB investment plan;
  • Modernization of IT and communication technologies (ICT) of MINFOF and MINEPDED (IT master plans, data center);
  • MINFOF human resource development plan (strategic and annual training plans)
  • Support for the implementation of MINFOF's program budget and results-based management (RBM) approach;
  • Diagnosis of corruption in the forest, wildlife and environmental sectors;
  • Capacity building of the anti-corruption unit of MINFOF and MINEPDED;
  • Support for the development of Cameroon's REDD + strategy and the establishment of appropriate REDD + process management structure;
  • Support to the functioning of the management structures of the CF (operation of the management committee, special commission for procurement, coordination between program managers, support of task engineers, coordination between the CF management unit and the administrative and accounting financial co-management cabinet).
Ministère des Forêts et de la Faune (MINFOF) / MINEPDED
10/2011– 12/2017
Contract value:
 2,147,062,00 €