Designing of the Planning Component and additional LCF functional requirements in LODA MEIS

The Government of Rwanda has adopted a Five-year National Strategy for Community and Local Economic Development (LED) 2013-2018. The ultimate aim of this strategy for LED is to provide LGs with the necessary tools to create the business enabling environment that each district needs in order to achieve Local Economic Development, to eradicate poverty and create jobs.

The existing management information system of LODA called MEIS (Monitoring & Evaluation Information System) already supports the business processes of the Local Competitiveness Facility (LCF) for proposal submission and evaluation of incoming project proposals. The next steps of the LCF business process should also be supported in the MEIS and are implemented as an additional module in the information system. This includes the setup of individual contracts. For ongoing contracts a financial and technical monitoring is set up, including handling of invoices and payments as well as tracking of site visits, uploading of project reports and tracking of monitoring of programme and project specific indicators. For all areas, the MEIS generates reports with aggregated values on financial key figures and the progress of indicators.

To give LODA a better tool for planning future activities for LED projects, the MEIS is being extended with a planning tool for different purposes. This includes district and sector specific Single Action Plans (SAP, their priorities for the next financial years), project proposals for LED and Public Work (PW) projects (PPD, project profile documents), an assessment form for ongoing projects (OPAF, ongoing project assessment form) and definitions of budget ceilings for future financial years on district and sector level.

Type of services provided:

  • Assessment of functional and non-functional requirements to be covered by the information system;
  • Detailed system design for the development in Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition);
  • Implementation of the LCF module and planning module in the existing information system;
  • Design and implementation of a training programme (for end-users and administrators);
  • Maintenance and Support after software implementation.

Local Administrative Entities Development Agency (LODA)
05/2017 – 09/2017
Contract value: 66,390 €