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Communal Infrastructure and Governance

The Department Communal Infrastructure and Governance covers all aspects of infrastructure development in urban, semi-urban and rural areas with a special focus on drinking water supply and wastewater / sanitation management as well as solid waste management.

AHT does not only provide engineering solutions and improves operation and maintenance of communal infrastructure but also covers institutional strengthening and organizational development for public utilities.

AHT supports communal authorities and administrations in local development and decentralization, administrational reforms, urban planning, civil society enhancement and community development.

The team of the Department is composed of experts from various disciplines, including engineers, urban planners, hydrogeologists, economists and political scientists.

Our main fields of activities are:

  • Urban and Rural Water Supply
  • Waste Water Treatment and Sanitation
  • Integrated Solid Waste Management
  • Public Utilities Management
  • Urban Development
  • Social Investment Funds
  • Decentralisation Strategies
  • Community Development and Civil Society Enhancement
  • Violence Prevention and Conflict Resolution
  • Environmental and Social Safeguards

Some examples of our work:

Egypt: Kafr El Sheik Sewerage Training Project - Accompanying Measures
South Africa: Urban Upgrading in Khayelitsha, Cape Town
Indonesia: Emission Reduction in Cities Programme: Solid Waste Management (SWM)