Perennial Horticulture Development Project

The TA for the implementation of the Perennial Horticulture Development aimed to contribute to poverty alleviation in particular for the rural population and to contribute to the general economic recovery of Afghanistan. The specific objectives were to successfully implement restructuring of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Health and Forestry (MAAHF) to gain maximum ownership of the project activities by building its capacity and by performing as a horticulture facilitator. The projects’ lessons learned led to an improved sector policy development and programming. To that end the project achieved the following results:

  • An efficiently structured and operational MAAHF, horticulture sub-sector is established;
  • Demonstration orchards are operational and have the ability to perform extension services on request of the private sector. The agronomic potential is better understood and used to formulate detailed policies and strategies;
  • Six nucleus nurseries are operational and provide sufficient and healthy plant material to meet the demand of the growing private horticulture sector;
  • The inventory of Afghanistan’s germplasm collection is completed, a preservation centre established on a sustainable basis and its yield potential examined;
  • Support to farmers is given through their organisations and with the assistance of NGOs in the field of production increase, demonstration, quality improvement, post harvest handling and marketing.

Type of services provided:

Overall project management and implementation as well as planning and organisation of a comprehensive training programme; specific activities were:

  • Definition of orchard/vineyard systems, and fruit crop production programmes;
  • Support of farmers in rehabilitating existing orchards/vineyards through training and extension in modern technologies and efficient management;
  • Selection of the best, pathogen-free, indigenous fruit and nut varieties for nursery production;
  • Introduction of efficient irrigation systems for drought resilient production;
  • Support for the development of commercial tree nurseries to supply seedlings to project beneficiaries; and
  • Assistance to farmers in establishing new orchards/vineyards through matching grants;
  • Training of public servants within the MAIL for improved services to the horticulture sector;
  • Organisation of and participation in national workshops on experiences with adaptation methodologies.
Ministry of Agri­culture, Animal Husbandry and Food
05/2006 – 12/2010
Contract value: 4,317,490 €