Support to MWE Novi Pazar: Improvement of Distribution and Consumption Monitoring of the Water Supply System

Novi Pazar has about 100,000 inhabitants. The old water supply system consisted of a raw water intake, transmission mains, water treatment plant (capacity 325 l/s), storage capacities (7,500 m³), and a distribution network (two pressure zones). The system has been operated by the Municipal Water Enterprise Novi Pazar (MWE). Water shortages occured due to inadequate operation of drinking water treatment plant, poorly maintained distribution network causing high water losses, uncontrolled use of distributed water and an unknown number of illegal connections. Low water prices and the low level of billing and collecting were further problems MWE had been facing in the past.

The project aimed to contribute to the establishment of an uninterrupted water supply for the population of Novi Pazar by improving the control of the drinking water distribution and applying efficient operation and maintenance procedures.

The project objective was achieved by implementing the following three components:

  • Part I: Technical audit of the overall water supply system;
  • Part II: Water leakage detection campaign and water distribution network modelling;
  • Part III: Assistance in developing an O&M plan.

The three project components were supported by a set of field specific and tailor made training courses, seminars, workshops and study tours.

Type of services provided:

Part I: Technical audit of the overall water supply system

  • Collection and review of existing technical documentation;
  • Preparation of a detailed plan for technical infrastructure surveying;
  • Development of the future network definition database structure;
  • Assistance to MWE on implementation of the technical survey;
  • Identification of suitable district metering areas.

Part II: Water leakage detection campaign and water distribution network modelling

  • Preparation and implementation of a water leak detection strategy and repair campaign (WLC);
  • Procurement of water leakage detection equipment;
  • Establishment of a water leakage detection unit at MWE;
  • Preparation of advanced training measures;
  • Organisation of international study tours;
  • Updating of existing computerised hydraulic model;
  • Provision of training in water leakage detection and hydraulic modelling.

Part III: Assistance in developing an O&M plan

  • Identification of staffing and technical capacities at MWE’s responsible for O&M;
  • Analysis of existing O&M plans;
  • Preparation of a new O&M plans.
Novi Pazar Municipal Water Enterprise
Lux Development
10/2010 – 12/2012
Contract value: 179,900 €