Integrated Management and Master Plan for the Pilcomayo River Basin

The Pilcomayo River is characterised by an extraordinary charge of sediments and an unusually high change of water flow, caused by the accentuated peaks in the precipitation cycles, heavy erosion in the upper parts and influx of toxic substances from the mining areas in Bolivia. These characteristics have led to the loss of cultivated areas, flooding, salinisation and desertification in the lower parts of the river in Paraguay and Argentina. During the past few years several studies were conducted and the governments of the three countries have tried to solve those problems in an integrated and comprehensive way. As a result, the tri-national Pilcomayo Commission was created, which is now receiving technical assistance for financial, technical and institutional support. In a multidisciplinary approach, the project elaborated a River Basin Master Plan and implemented first activities with the aim to create safe living conditions for the populations affected. Main activities were:

  • Analysis in depth the hydrological and ecological characteristics of the river and its basin;
  • Carrying out first measures to stabilise erosion and reduce sedimentation;
  • Definition of the conditions for a rational use of the natural resources;
  • Mitigation of the negative impacts from which the population of the region is suffering;
  • Implementation activities necessary to secure the sustainability of the project.

Type of services provided:

  • Master plan for river basin development;
  • Integrated regional development;
  • Financial, technical and institutional support;
  • Protection of natural resources;
  • Improvement of living conditions.
Delegation of the EC in La Paz
06/2002 – 12/2010

Contract value: 3,554,237 €