Final Evaluation of the Bugesera Agricultural Development Project RWA/022

Final evaluation of the “Bugesera Agricultural Development Project” (RWA/022), implemented from December 2005 to December 2012 for Lux-Development. The project had been conceived as a pilot project to secure agricultural production by promoting hillside irrigation and agricultural diversification, while at the same time upgrading marketing of products in order to satisfy food and nutritional requirements of the population.

The project RWA 022 has put in place hillside irrigation models in Rwanda which have triggered a national debate on promoting irrigated agriculture in general, and specifically hillside irrigation. The institutional partners saw the project’s activities as guidance for future development efforts in hillside irrigation across the country and as an important achievement.

Type of services provided:

  • Analysis of results and specific objectives at the time of evaluation (end of project);
  • Analysis of progress made in terms of transversal issues, capacity building, project management and monitoring (project input, activities, results, specific objectives);
  • Analysis of the project according to evaluation criteria (relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability) taking into account transversal themes e.g. governance and development, gender equality, environment and climate change;
  • Analysis of specific questions (degree of technology appropriation within the pilot project in mechanisation, water pumping, water channels; relevance of the cooperative model (production associations, water user associations), adequacy of institutional anchorage (district and Ministry of Agriculture), particularly with regard to irrigation; recommendations for the future;
  • Lessons learnt and recommendations for future projects in the same sector.
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
11/2012 – 12/2012
Contract value: 29,994 €
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