Project Implementation Manager (PIM) for the Irrigation Sector Reform and Centralised Irrigation Systems Rehabilitation Activities

The objectives of the Transition to High Value Agriculture (THVA) Project were to: (i) increase rural incomes by stimulating growth in irrigated high value agriculture; and (ii) catalyze future investments in high value agriculture by establishing a successful and sustainable model of irrigation system and water resource management and a conducive institutional and policy environment for irrigated agriculture.

The PIM Consultant served as the project manager (and technical representative for MCA Moldova) for the irrigation activities. The PIM Consultant provided technical support and oversight services to MCA Moldova to ensure that the Centralised Irrigation System Rehabilitation Activity and the Irrigation Sector Reform Activity were fully integrated and that the related targets and results were on track to be achieved in a timely manner. These key objectives included:

  • Rehabilitation of up to 11 irrigation systems covering a command area of approx. 15,500 ha (mainly drip and micro-sprinkler irrigation) completed in accordance with international standards and requirements, in a timely and cost effective manner;
  • Development of final designs that included active involvement from a representative group of water users in each of the systems, including rehabilitation of existing 27 pump station buildings, complete exchange of pumping units (between 67 and 1,381 l/s) and electromechanical equipment;
  • Successfully executed legal transfer of management of the systems with financially viable WUAs managing those operations;
  • Establishment of an operational Water Quality and Quantity Monitoring System linked with GIS;
  • Establishment and promotion of the regulations needed to issue authorizations for water use; and
  • Development of river basin management and action plans.

Type of services provided:

  • Development and maintenance of work plans;
  • Development and maintenance of a risk management tool;
  • Development and maintenance of a project website;
  • Monitoring and supervision of consultants and contractors;
  • Review of all irrigation activity deliverables by the consultants and contractors;
  • Procurement of necessary permits, technical expertise and documentation;
  • Provision of technical support for procurement activities;
  • Liaison and interaction with all actors in the THVA Project and related fields.
MCA Moldova
Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)
05/2011 – 12/2013
Contract value: 1,485,750 €
SPP-2 intake
SPP-3A irrigation pump station