Emission Reduction in Cities Programme: Solid Waste Management (SWM) – Accompanying Measures Consultant

The SWM Programme is a contribution to achieving the Government of Indonesia’s CO2 emission reduction targets and to implementing the Solid Waste Law (UU18/2008). The Directorate General of Human Settlements, responsible for establishing a national project management unit (NPMU), is supported by an Implementation Consultant (IC) for the planning and construction of new sanitary landfills including sorting and composting plants (a loan up to EUR 75 million has been allocated through KfW to finance these investments) and an Accompanying Measure Consultant (AMC). Partner municipalities are four cities and regencies, i.e. the Cities of Malang and Jambi and the Regencies of Jombang and Sidoarjo. Each of them will set up a local LPMU.

The Accompanying Measure Consultant, subject of this contract, advises on institutional and organisational development, financial management and capacity building measures accompanying the investments on national, provincial and municipal level. Project activities involve awareness raising, regulation and improvement of municipal SWM services including the consideration of the informal sector. After a review and update of previous needs assessments in several feasibility studies and phases, generic tools for the management and operation of the new SWM systems shall be elaborated and used in centralized training measures whereas customised measures to the needs of the selected cities and regencies will be applied on local level.

Type of services provided:

  • Institutional development and strengthening of the operating entities on local level (Local Public Service Boards, Technical Implementation Units);
  • Improvement of the technical operation of the SWM system (collection, transport, transfer, treatment);
  • Establishment of a waste information and planning system;
  • Support of local governments to establish monitoring, reporting and validating of gas emission reductions in the solid waste sector;
  • Support to the financial management of operating entities in terms of cost/revenue accounting, establishment of cost covering tariffs;
  • Involvement of the informal and private sector;
  • Development of the local regulatory framework;
  • In cooperation with the national and local PMUs, preparation of a detailed project planning matrix for each city/regency and annual plans of operation;
  • Raising community awareness on challenges of a financially, technically and environmentally sustainable new SWM system;
  • Support to local governments for land acquisition and the conduct of Environmental Impact Assessments for new sanitary landfills and extension of existing landfills.
Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Directorate General of Human Settlements
BMZ through KfW / SECO
05/2015 – 06/2021
Contract value: 6,486,275 €