Soilification in Sivas – Development of an Environmental Pilot Project

Detailed description of project:

In the framework of the KfW-funded project “Human Resource and Organisational Development (HROD) for the Municipality of Sivas and the Water & Sewerage Administration of Samsun“, the consortium under leadership of AHT GROUP GmbH elaborated a Sludge Management Concept for the Sivas Wastewater Treatment Plant. The concept investigated three different options for the disposal of generated sewage sludge, i.e. agricultural use, landfilling, and soilification.
Among these three options, soilification is considered the most environmentally friendly one. The Municipality of Sivas has entrusted the Consultant with a feasibility study to develop an environmental pilot project for the application of soilification in Sivas. The present feasibility study represents the first phase of the pilot project, namely the research and feasibility part. In a second phase, a test run will be conducted to prove the concept’s suitability under real conditions.
Soilification is a process which has been tested and applied in Austria for many years. It leads to a pre-defined product whose ingredients (recipes) are calculated using a special computer programme. For this feasibility study, three recipes have been calculated: one to get man-made soil, one for soil improvement and one to produce fertilizer. As calculation basis for the three recipes were used the available amount of sewage sludge as well as the amount of municipal solid waste, market waste, green & garden waste, industrial waste, mineral waste and refuse from agricultural and forestry activities.

Type of services provided:

  • Investigation of the present waste collection process and the relevant legal framework in the Municipality of Sivas;
  • Data collection on the availability and amount of necessary input material;
  • Soil and waste sampling;
  • Analysis of samples taken and calculation of three recipes;
  • Economic evaluation of introducing soilification in Sivas.
Municipality of Sivas
BMZ through KfW
05/2010 – 01/2011
Contract value: 
102,000 €