Institutional and Technical Support for the Water Supply System of Mitrovica Assessment of Proposed New Raw Water Supply Pipeline

Assessment of the technical viability, economic improvement and investment requirements of a new raw water pipe from the Gazivoda Lake to the Shipol Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Mitrovica. The WTP is managed by the Mitrovica Regional Water Company.

Due to the electricity demand required to pump the raw water from the canal to the WTP, running costs of the MRWC were particularly high. In addition, the state of the canal infrastructure and the risk of pollution in the open canal were of serious concern to the MRWC’s management. It was therefore considered to connect the impounded Gazivoda Lake with the Shipol WTP via a pressurised pipe.

Type of services provided:

Component 1: Institutional assessment, land use permission issues

  • Analysis of the main stakeholders’ roles, including municipalities, regional and bulk water companies and other with regard to the proposed project and alternatives identified;
  • Analysis of MRWC’s operation and management;
  • Assessment of MRWC’s related institutional issues.

Component 2: Technical assessment

  • Collection of available data, reports, studies, maps;
  • Analysis of existing raw water supply arrangements;
  • Assessment of future water demand requirements;
  • Execution of field investigations;
  • Assessment of technical options, capital and operating cost estimates;
  • Elaboration of technical alternatives;
  • Recommendation of an investment project including preliminary designs.

Component 3: Economic appraisal

  • Economic assessment of MRWC including review of business plan and overall operating costs;
  • Economic assessment of the proposed project and any alternative for comparison;
  • Recommendations and conclusions for project financing taking into account MRWC’s financial situation.
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
12/2013 – 01/2014
Contract value: 49,475 €