Mid-term Review of the Programme for the Promotion of Perennial Crops in Ghana

The objectives of the Programme for the Promotion of Perennial Crops in Ghana were to contribute to poverty alleviation in rural areas and to ensure a sustainable development by combating climate change and protecting natural resources. The whole programme had a duration of five year.

The programme consisted of the following main components:

  • Institutional support to MOFA: Preparation of policy for perennial crops; socio-economic surveys; prospects for rubber development in Eastern region; Master plan for oil palm; feasibility study on coconut sector; clean development mechanism; supervision missions; audits; and steering committee meetings. The Directorate of Crop Services had direct responsibility for the institutional support component;
  • Rubber outgrower project;
  • Oil palm outgrower project.

Type of services provided:

The review mission took place at the end of the third year and aimed to assess project activities and use of funds at mid-term. This assessment should mainly lead to determine the project’s weaknesses and draw lessons useful to the implementation of ongoing or future similar projects. The tasks comprised:

  • Evaluation of the programmes relevant to the government’s policy on poverty reduction and perennial crops;
  • Evaluate Evaluation of progress made in achieving the objectives (logical frame) and indicators;
  • Assessment of efficiency and effectiveness of the institutional set-up to produce expected outcomes;
  • Assessment of beneficiary perception of the projects and its implementation;
  • Identification of constraints (if any) impeding programme implementation (socio-economic, financial, institutional etc.);
  • Assessment of contributions to carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation and recommend strategies for accessing CDM funds;
  • Documentation of best practices for improvement of programme implementation; and
  • Recommendations of changes in the programme’s scope and design with specifics on the individual projects of the programme.

The mission was implemented through review of documents, field data collection, a review workshop and compilation of the findings in a draft final and in a final report.

Ministry of Food and Agriculture 
08/2010 - 09/2010
Contract value: 78,000 €