Planning Workshops for “Transboundary Water Management in the Congo Basin” (GETRACO)

The BMZ-funded project “Transboundary Water Management in the Congo Basin” (GETRACO), is implemented by the GIZ and the International Commission for the Congo-Oubangi-Sangha (CICOS), whose General Secretariat is located in Kinshasa, R.D.C. The overall objective of GETRACO is that the coordination and management of the basin between the riparian states of the Congo basin complies with agreed strategies and principals. The objective of Phase II of the project was to improve cooperation between CICOS member states with regard to inland navigation and water resource management. The strategic approach adopted by the project was to strengthen CICOS’ coordinating role by supporting institutional development, facilitating the development of management tools for inland navigation and water resources of the basin and reinforcing CICOS profile as a basin organisation. Phase IV covered the period 01/2010 to 12/2012.

The GIZ supported project “Support to the Reform of the Water Sector” (RESE) covered the period 2006 - 2016 and aimed to facilitate key reforms in the water sector in the RDC. The overall objective was to assure the effectiveness of the reform of the water sector by supporting the establishment functional sectoral institutions. The objectives for Phase IV (2012 - 2013) were:

  • Facilitation of the sectoral dialogue;
  • Establishment of the national policy for public water services in order to improve the framework for urban water supply services;
  • Development of capacities in the sector.

Type of services provided:

The services provided were to ensure that the activities for both projects were planned in broad consensus with all relevant project actors, and supported using the tools and approaches from the Capacity WORKS management model. These included:

  • The preparation of 3 planning workshops in close collaboration with the GIZ Team Leader;
  • Moderation of all planning workshops;
  • Elaboration of strategic and operational planning with detailed information concerning the needed resources for the implementation and the key risks;
  • Monitoring of project activities in 2011 through the evaluation of the agreed upon milestones from 2010 for GETRACO;
  • Analysis of project interventions using the Capacity WORKS management model;
  • Documentation of both planning workshops and the Capacity WORKS analysis.
02/2011 - 03/2012
Contract value: 25,900 €