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International Team Leader (m/f/d) in Forestry / Natural Resources Management or Gender Studies

Short project description

Implementation Support for the Billion Tree Afforestation Support Project (BTASP)

The envisaged project shall contribute to the protection and sustainable use and management of forests in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa established under BTAP and 10BTAP as part of the National Clean Green Pakistan Initiative and the Bonn Challenge. At the same time, the project will become part of the German Good Governance Programme financed by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The envisaged financing volume for this programme is EUR 13.5 million (plus an additional option of EUR 20 million).
The proposed project outcome is the following: “The restored forest landscapes are being managed in a participatory and sustainable manner, and the livelihoods of the population in the project areas have improved.”

Output 1: Participatory Forest Development Plans (PFDP) for 10BTAP have been elaborated in a participatory way (this includes developing Village Land Use Plans and Village (Development) Plans on which the PFDP will be based and requires the establishment of Village Development Committees and Women Organizations in each village as per regulation).

Output 2: A nationally replicable Management-Information System (MIS) for the FEWD to manage all its activities and monitor its impacts and that includes BTAP, 10BTAP & BTASP is established, operated and maintained as part of the government’s E-Governance-strategy (for this task, a specialised IT-consultant will be recruited separately with whom the service provider will closely collaborate).

Output 3: Performance-based payments have been established as common practice by the FEWD.

Output 4: The 10BTAP afforestation measures are supported in all BTASP project areas (this includes tree nurseries run by women as well as tree plantation and forest protection activities run by men).

Output 5: The capacities of FEWD as project executing department (PED) and of its respective implementation partners have been strengthened.

Output 6: At least two value chains per forest division for the sustainable use of forest-related resources have been established or improved (this activity is focusing on women).

The project shall be implemented with the participation of representatives of beneficiary groups in each participating village and in close collaboration with representatives of potential partner organizations as well as other relevant stakeholder groups. The following governance aspects are reflected in the project design:

  • Focus on poor rural communities, small landowners and inclusion of informal users;
  • Delegation of decision-making power to the local communities as forest owners and users;
  • Improvement of women’s livelihoods and participation in local decision making;
  • Consideration of land ownership in establishing of Village Land Use Plans, Village Plans and Participatory Forest Development Plans;
  • Strengthening of the FEWD as Project Executing Department (PED);
  • Improvements in transparency, accountability and efficiency in the programs and activities managed by FEWD through the introduction of a digital Management Information System as well as the digitalisation of financial transactions.

Detailed requirements

Postgraduate degree in forestry, natural resources management or gender studies.

Country/Regional experience:
Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal

English, German or Pashtu will be an asset

Expertise / Profile:

  • Several years of professional experience in development cooperation projects;
  • Sustainable forest establishment and management, with particular emphasis on participatory approaches (planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation);
  • Gender and rural community development;
  • Forest products value chain integration;
  • Participatory land use planning;
  • Capacity development in forestry institutions’ governance, transparency, accountability and efficiency in developing countries;
  • Capacity development in the use of MIS as well as the development and implementation of integrated monitoring systems;
  • Overall project management, particularly of FC projects and programs;
  • Financial system development, management and accounting including the management of the project’s disposition fund;
  • Community development, value chains and rural income generating activities with a demonstrated focus on gender;
  • ESMF development and application, environmental and social safeguards.


Region and duty station:
Peshawar - Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Forestry, Environment & Wildlife Department (FEWD)

Project / Assignment duration:
6 years

Estimated project start:
Q4 2020 / Q1 2021 – Q4 2026

Project status:
Letter of Interest / Pre-qualification



Please contact vacancies(at) to express your interest and to send your CV, preferably in KfW format.