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Nature Conservation, Forestry and Agriculture

The AHT Department for Nature Conservation, Forestry and Agriculture is supporting government institutions and NGOs with the implementation of integrated natural resources management, biodiversity conservation and rural development programmes worldwide. Our expertise lies in the improvement of livelihoods and the socio-economic development of rural communities for instance through community forestry, agroforestry, eco-tourism development and other community development measures.

AHT provides assistance to agricultural projects ranging from institutional support to training of farmers' organisations, encompassing soil and water protection, agricultural extension and marketing.

We support protected areas through the development of management plans, biodiversity monitoring, the construction of national park infrastructure and the procurement of equipment.

AHT also provides advice on the financing of nature conservation and the development of monitoring systems. In addition to local and national nature conservation efforts, AHT works on eco-regional transboundary conservation. This also aims at the mitigation of conflicts and contributes to building and maintaining peace.

AHT's Department for Nature Conservation, Forestry and Agriculture employs about a dozen specialists with backgrounds in geography, agriculture, biology, forestry, regional science, political and social science. Our regional focus lies on Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, the Caucasus and Eastern Europe.

Our main fields of activities are:
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Protected Area Management
  • Sustainable Forest and Watershed Management
  • Agroforestry and Conservation Agriculture
  • Soil Conservation and Erosion Control
  • Agricultural Production, Extension and Value Chains
  • Livelihood and Socio-Economic Development
  • Eco-Tourism Development
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
  • Eco-regional Transboundary Cooperation
  • Land Management and Spatial Planning
  • Environmental Funds and Conservation Finance
  • Environmental and Social Safeguards

Current Job Opportunities

Head of Nature Conservation, Forestry and Agriculture

Jörg Lieberei
Phone: +49 201 2016-220

Deputy Head of Nature Conservation, Forestry and Agriculture

Zihni Eren⁠çin⁠
Phone: +49 201 2016-290

Some examples of our work: