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Information Technology and Software Development

The Department of Information Technology and Software Development provides consultancy services for general information and knowledge management. Moreover, its services comprise the design of data centres, IT and network architectures aas well as software development.

The Department's know-how encompasses the identification of customer requirements and the documentation of business processes followed by the definition of detailed specifications and technical requirements. With these requirements the tendering and procurement process of the client can be supported and in case of software development, the in-house development of a tailor-made solution can be provided.

Software development is done in the area of web applications, mobile applications, data bases and geomatics. These applications can be general management information systems, financial accounting systems, geographical information systems or systems for monitoring and evaluation. For all developments latest technologies and state-of-the-art and well established frameworks are used. The requirement of many clients to use well-known Open Source components for the development can be catered for by AHT. 

Our main fields of activities are:
  • Information Management
  • Design of IT Architectures
  • Database Development
  • Software Development
  • Web-based Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Geomatics and Geographical Information Systems
  • IT Service Delivery

Current Job Opportunities

Presently there is no job opportunity available in this field.

Head of Information Technology and Software Development

Thorsten Kisner
Phone: +49 201 2016-255

Some examples of our work: