AHT GROUP GmbH was founded on 7 April 1960 under the name of "Agrar- und Hydrotechnik GmbH" (AHT). Whilst AHT increased its spectrum of activities, new companies were founded, associated or integrated into the company, finally resulting in the creation of AHT GROUP AG in 1994. Agrar- und Hydrotechnik GmbH was renamed AHT International GmbH. In 2003, AHT International GmbH merged with AHT GROUP AG and until the end of 2020 the international consulting business continued to function under this name. In July 2017, RAG Stiftung Beteiligungsgesellschaft, now RSBG Infrastructure & Technologies GmbH, acquired the majority of the shares of the company. In October 2020 RSBG acquired 100% of the shares, resulting in a subsequent change in legal status from AHT GROUP AG in AHT GROUP GmbH.

As a member of a large group, we benefit from the complementary expertise of our associated companies and can provide a fully integrated, multidisciplinary project implementation approach. We see ourselves as a globally operating, multi-cultural group of management and engineering consultants, who can draw upon a profound technical knowledge base and make use of the most advanced technologies. We not only offer engineering skills, but also expertise in project development, financing, management and operations.

Growing steadily