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International Environmental / Social Safeguard Specialists (m/f)

AHT GROUP AG is looking for Environmental and Social Experts to ensure the compliance with International Environmental and Social Safeguard Standards in feasibility studies and ongoing international development projects. Our clients include national and local government institutions, private sector companies and all the major international development organisations, e.g. KfW Development Bank, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), European Commission (EC), World Bank (WB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), African Development Bank (AfDB) and others. Our main fields of work are:

  • Water resources management and irrigation

    • Irrigation and drainage infrastructure development
    • Rural infrastructure development
    • Hydropower development
    • Watershed management

  • Nature conservation, forestry and agriculture

    • Biodiversity conservation and protected area management
    • Sustainable forest management
    • Agriculture and agroforestry
    • Land management and spatial planning

  • Communal infrastructure and governance

    • Urban and rural water supply
    • Waste water treatment
    • Solid waste management
    • Public utilities management
    • Urban development

General requirements for Social and Environmental Experts (m/f)

  • Postgraduate university degree (Diploma, MSc or PhD) in a relevant field
  • Experience in working with International Environmental and Social Safeguards:

    • World Bank (WB) Environmental and Social Safeguard Standards and Operational Policies, especially OP 4.12,
    • WB Environmental and Health (EHS) and Safety Guidelines, incl. General EHS Guidelines and sector-specific EHS Guidelines (see above for the relevant thematic fields),
    • Guidelines on Incorporation Human Rights Standards and Principles, including Gender in Programme Proposals for Bilateral German Technical and Financial Cooperation,
    • IFC Policy Standard (PS) 2 Labour and Working Conditions,
    • International Labour Organisation (ILO) Core Labour Standards,
    • UN Basic Principles and Guidelines on Development-based Evictions and Displacement, especially articles 42, 49, 52, and 60.

  • Experience in the development of: Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA), Environmental and Social Management Frameworks (ESMF), Resettlement Policy Frameworks (RPF) and Resettlement Action Plans (RAP), Indigenous Peoples Planning Frameworks (IPPF), and Stakeholder Engagement Plans (SEP),
  • Experience in working with German Financial Cooperation (KfW) and knowledge of the KfW Sustainability Guidelines are considered an asset,
  • Work experience in developing countries, especially French-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa,
  • Proficiency in English and French language skills is required, and German language skills are considered an asset,
  • Excellent reporting skills.

Specific requirements

For Social Experts (m/f):

  • Postgraduate university degree (Diploma, MSc or PhD) in anthropology, sociology or related disciplines,
  • At least several years of experience with socio-economic studies, Social Impact Assessments (SIA), ESMF, IPPF and RPF and RAP development, livelihood restoration measures, and participatory field work,
  • Profound experience with stakeholder engagement, implementation of participatory approaches and the development and implementation of stakeholder engagement plans,
  • Profound experience in the vulnerability assessments, and gender mainstreaming in development projects.

For Environmental Experts (m/f):

  • Postgraduate university degree (Diploma, MSc or PhD) in water management, environmental management or engineering, natural resources management, biology or related disciplines,
  • At least several years of experience with environmental studies, environmental impact assessments, and ESMF development,
  • Profound experience developing environmental management plans and environmental M&E.

Country / Region:

Project / assignment duration:
short term missions from two weeks up to one year input

Estimated project start:

Project status:
on-going projects



Please contact vacancies(at) to express your interest and to send your CV, preferably in KfW format.
For further details and/or direct contact, please, contact Mr. Dirk Rolker, +49 201 2016 274.